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Flagpole Sales

Flag Systems is America's #1 Aluminum Flagpole Dealer

100' to 200' Steel Flagpole Manufacturing

When you buy a flagpole from Flag Systems you know that you are getting a high quality American made product. Our flagpoles are designed to be the best in the industry and flagpole safety is our priority. Our flagpole shafts are manufactured using 6063 T6 aluminum with a tensile strength of no less than 30,000psi and a yield point of 25,000 psi. Our heat treated shafts are polished to a deep luster finish creating an elegant sheen. Architectural flagpoles like natural, bronze or black anodized finishes are very popular as well as all powder coat finishes. The satin flagpole finish is the traditional brushed aluminum look that the majority of flagpoles have.

Commercial and Residential flagpole sales are the focus of our company. Residential flagpoles are manufactured with the same industry standards that our Commercial lines are made with. Safety is the key when it comes to flagpoles.  Commercial and Residential flagpoles come in various styles and mounting applications like in ground flagpoles, wall mount flagpole and shoebase mount flagpoles. All of these styles can be used for either Commercial or Residential flag displays and they all look equally as nice as the other. Flagpoles are meant to compliment your architecture or landscape and we aim to make your flagpole look it's best. We do not recommend telescoping flagpoles for applications that will be used continuously or in heavy wind areas. Telescoping flagpoles are more cost effective up front but after you have replaced it two or three times you will have paid more then you would for one of our straight shaft single piece flagpoles. If you are thinking of buying a flagpole call Flag Systems. We have flagpoles for sale with fast flagpole shipping turn around. We can also deliver your flagpole or install a flagpole anywhere you need.    

Below you will find all of the commercial and residential series flagpoles for sale. We offer a price match guarantee so if you find it cheaper we will meet that price and exceed your expectations by beating it by 5%. When it comes to flagpole sales Flag Systems is here to earn your business no matter where you need your flagpole installed or shipped. Our flagpole shipping prices are also the most competitive in the business so call us today and let us sell you a flagpole and flags.

Independence Series Flagpoles

Stainless steel cable based internal halyard flagpoles are the most reliable flagpoles on the market. These flagpoles are truly meant to last with minimal flagpole maintenance over time. Heavy duty flagpole hardware is utilized in the Independence Series flagpoles and are the most common flagpoles for sale. If you have ever purchased a flagpole before you know that the Independence Series is the most elegant and longest lasting flagpole out there. Call us today and get a quote for your next flagpole purchase and installation. Click here to shop Independence Series Flagpoles. 

Sentry Series Flagpoles

Are the rope base internal halyard flagpole equivalent of our Sovereignty Series flagpoles. These commercial flagpoles have the same exterior look of their counter-part Sovereignty Series minus the stainless steel gearless winch. They have a cam-action cleat which makes raising and lowering the flag easy while locking the halyard in place. Our cam-action cleats will not fail or release under pressure. Sentry Series flagpoles are some of the most common rope based internal halyard flagpoles for sale. Click here to buy Sentry Series Flagpoles. 

Sovereignty Series Flagpoles

Are a stainless steel cable based internal halyard flagpole and have many of the same features that the independence Series flagpoles have but at a lesser priced patented design. These flagpoles are only available with a base diameter of 5", 6" or 7" and up to 40'. The Sovereignty Series Flagpole uses a matched set of inner and outer cast door frame shaft castings with 8 tamper proof 5/16-18NC stainless steel bolts. The flagpole handle access hole is at 90° angle from the door making service easy with this configuration. Click here to shop Sovereignty Series Flagpoles. 

Centennial Series Flagpoles

Rope base internal halyard flagpoles that offer all the features of the Sentry Series flagpoles but upgrades the access door configuration to a flush, smooth finish Independence style welded re-enforced cast door and frame assembly. Like the Sovereignty and Sentry Series flagpoles the Centennial Series has a maximum height of 40' and has an available base diameter of 6", 7" or 8". When you want the elegant look of the Independence Series flagpole but don't like the price this is the flagpole to buy. Click here to buy Centennial Series Flagpoles. 

Continental Series Flagpoles

Are the traditional and original aluminum flagpole. Continental Series Flagpoles are great for residential and commercial flagpole applications alike. They are versatile and fairly low maintenance although in high wind areas they tend to be problematic. With proper flagpole maintenance these flagpoles can last your upwards of 20 years. When you engage in a flagpole sale with Flag Systems you are guaranteed to get American made flagpole products that come with a warranty at the most competitive prices in the industry. Click here to buy Continental Series Flagpoles.

Estate Series Flagpoles

Most commonly used in residential flagpole applications, these flagpoles are made with the same professional industry leading standards of our commercial grade flagpoles. Estate Series flagpoles are easily used in multi-flag applications that are very common in apartment and hotel flag displays. Flag Systems is your leading flag & flagpole sales company and our prices and services prove that. We will not be beat on any flagpole sale. Call us today and make your next flagpole purchase with us. All flagpoles come with a standard warranty that can be carried over to another installer. Click here to shop estate series flagpoles. 

Fiberglass Flagpoles

Our commercial-grade fiberglass flagpoles have an elegant design and they offer the same style taper that aluminum flagpoles do. Fiberglass flagpoles are white in color with smooth exterior finish. Flagpole hardware included with the purchase of a fiberglass flagpole is also fiberglass. Click here to buy fiberglass flagpoles.

Wall Mount Flagpoles

Can be used in commercial or residential flagpole applications. When space is limited or ground mount flagpoles are not permitted wall mount flagpoles are the next best option. We know that displaying Country, State and Company flags are important so we sell multiple flagpole styles to meet your needs. We also install and repair wall mount flagpoles in a timely manner so you won't have much down time. For wall mount flagpole sales call our flagpole sales staff and let us handle all your flagpole needs. Click here to shop Wall Mount Flagpoles.