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Flagpole Repair-Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas

Flagpole Repair

Flag Systems is Dallas/Ft. Worth's leading flagpole repair company. We have the knowledge and staff capable of repairing any flagpole any size in the DFW Metroplex. When it comes to repairing a flagpole in Texas Flag Systems can get it done in a timely cost effective manner.

Flagpole repair can become an expensive endeavor. Especially when your flagpole hasn't been maintenance or kept up with for years. The best way to keep your flagpole repair cost's low is to have your flagpole routinely maintenance once a year to every other year for rope halyard systems and once every three years for cable halyard systems. Practicing good flagpole maintenance will indeed keep your annual average flag & flagpole cost  down. Flag Systems offers yearly flagpole maintenance and flag programs to better serve you and your flagging needs. Please contact our office directly to inquire about getting set up in one of our yearly flag & flagpole supply maintenance programs or click here. 972-607-0958. If you are in the Dallas Metroplex and need a flagpole repair look no further. Flag Systems has the equipment, know how and man power to handle any flagpole repair. We can repair rooftop flagpoles, building mounted flagpoles, monster flagpoles or any flagpole for that matter. We also offer free estimates for all flagpole repairs. Click here for your flagpole estimate.   

When it comes to the hardware exposed on the outside of the flagpole, some of that needs to be replaced yearly. Retainer rings are a good example of something that needs to be replaced yearly. Retainer rings are the beads that go around the flagpole and hold the flag parallel with the flagpole. They also assist in making raising and lowering the flag simple and less time consuming while reducing the effort taken to operate the winch. Retainer rings will assist in preserving the finish on your flagpole and they are simple to replace and cost effective, click here to view pricing and order the size that is right for your flagpole.  

Flag Snaps are another part that can wear out within a years time, but they can also last 5 to 10 years. Cast Zinc snaps are the most cost effective flag snap there is. Then you have brass, while the brass flag snap is a bit pricier than the cast zinc is also has more life in it. You can expect a brass snap to last 2 to 4 years. The best flag snap you can use is a stainless steel flag snap. These snaps are meant to last 5 to 10 years. To view pricing on flag snaps click here. 

Lastly, the counterweight and leader cable are parts the can withstand long strenuous uses. The flagpole counterweight is constructed of heavy cast steel formed with thick steel attaching bars and heavy plastic coating. We recommend you have your leader cable and counterweight replaced by professionals because these parts are directly connected to the main line. If these parts are not installed or secured correctly they could release from their connections and cause serious damage to anything underneath them.

Our flagpole repair services are not limited to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex but are extended to the entire State of Texas and our surrounding states. We can repair your flagpole regardless of the city you are located in. We also offer nationwide flagpole repair services. Call us today and get a no obligations flagpole repair quote!

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Flag Systems has the capability and knowledge to repair any flagpole in the USA. We can repair flagpoles on top of buildings with our pole climber, we can repair flagpoles in hard to reach areas and we can make quick simple flagpole repairs. We have access to any flagpole part ever made and if the part is no longer available we have the tools and equipment to retro-fit your flagpole to accept any new parts. For more information on flagpole repair or flagpole maintenance please call our office at 877-801-FLAG or send us an email at sales@flagsystemsdfw.com