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Flag Systems Membership Programs 
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Keep your flag looking like this one year round with one of our Maintenance Plans! 

Premium Membership Package 

A Premium Membership or Revolving Account with Flag Systems could solve all your Flag, Flagpole and Lighting Problems! *Terms from 1 year to 3 years* 

Our Memberships are comprehensive and molded to fit your exact needs. We have single flag Memberships, multi flag Memberships & your choice of how many. If our Premium Package isn't the plan for you maybe one of our Service Plans may accommodate you better. 

*Please contact Flag Systems directly for Membership Programs and Service Plan pricing. Click here to inquire online

Incentives for our Members include:

 -American Flags, Texas Flags & Custom Flags are available with Memberships.
 -Your flags will be delivered and hung Free of Charge.
 -Your Flagpole(s) will receive Free Inspections.
 -Your Flagpole(s) will receive Free Servicing.
 -Your Parts and Labor will also be Free.
 -*We now offer Lighting coverage!*

You dont ever have to pay the high cost of flagpole repairs again! Don't ever again shuffle through business cards or websites looking for someone to sell you flags or service your flagpole. We will take 100% responsibilty for your flagpole and flags when you become a member with Flag Systems.

If you answer the next 3 questions with "YES" then you should probably inquire about one of our Membership Package.

   1) Do you often forget to change out that faded tattered flag?
   2) Is your annual cost of flags outrageous?
   3)Do you have problems with your lighting?

Memberships are available to the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Counties outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex may also purchase Membership Packages with a small Trip Charge.

Counties inside the DFW Metroplex include:

Counties outside the DFW Metroplex eligble for Membership include:

 -Van Zandt
 -Any county in Texas

Basic Service Plan 

Basic Service Plans are just for your flagpoles components. Flag Systems will come out once every six months to check your halyard, flag snaps, truck, bearings, locks, etc. Service Plans do not include free repairs like our Membership packages nor do you get your choice of flags for the year. This is just to keep you in the loop of whats going on with your flagpole and it's components. If you elect Flag Systems will repair your flagpole immediately following the flagpole inspection for a discounted price.

Comprehensive Service Plan 

Comprehensive Service Plans cover all of your flagpoles components. A Flag Systems rep will be out once every six months to check the integrity of your flagpoles components and correct anything that needs to be fixed. Your flagpole(s) will always be kept in pristine condition and you will never have to worry about paying the high cost of flagpole repairs again. With the Comprehensive Service Plan you will still have to provide your own flags for the year.

Revolving Flag Account 

You get your choice of flags and they will be shipped to you once every 4 months. This also includes free flag repairs annually. This account does not include on-site service or discounted service calls.