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    Telescoping Flagpoles    

    Telescoping aluminum flagpoles are available in Exposed Heights of 15',20' & 25'

    A convenient flick of a spring release button extends or retracts these flagpoles in just seconds. Standard fittings include a poly carbonate swivel rings which includes a double flag harness which allows you to fly two flags, a clear polycarbonate collar which fits around the lowest button on the pole to prevent unauthorized rasisng or lowering of the flagpole. This collar can be secured with a nut and bolt or a small lock(can be provided upon request). The 15' and 20' poles are supplied with a 3" gold anodized aluminum ball. The 25' pole is not supplied with a flagpole final (ornament), however, we suggest a 4" diameter ball which can be ordered seperately. All of our telescoping flagpole are supplied with a heavy duty PVC foundation sleeve.


 Here are two 20' Telescoping flagpoles fully extended.                    Here are two 20' Telescoping flagpoles, one is fully extended

                                                                                                   and the other is partially extended. 



 Here are two 20' Telescoping flagpoles that are both                        20' Telescoping flagpole fully extended.

 partially extended.                                                                                                  


 Here is one 20' Telescoping flagpole that is only partially extended. Telescoping flagpoles are the most diverse flagpoles in the market, as you can see from the pictures above Telescoping flagpoles can be easily removed from their foundation sleeves and stored away. These telescoping flagpoles can be utilized at any height from 10'-20'. Flag Systems Telescoping flagpoles can be removed, raised and lowered with extreme ease. For additional information on Telescoping flagpoles please contact Flag Systems directly.