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Commercial Flagpoles | Residential Flagpoles 

Aluminum Flagpoles | Steel Flagpoles | Fiberglass Flagpoles

Flag Systems 

2300 Valley View Ln. Ste. 109 Dallas TX 75234 

Internal/External Rope & Cable Systems

Tapered Aluminum Flagpoles

*All Flagpoles sold by Flag Systems are manufactured out of 6063-T6 aluminum with a tensile strength not less than 30,000psi and a yield point of 25,000psi. The shafts are polished to a deep luster finish, creating an elegant sheen. We offer other finishes such as natural anodize, bronze or black anodizing; powder coat is offered in white black or bronze. Please allow up to 3 weeks for anodized or power coated flagpoles. Flag Systems is proud to be your leading provider of flagpole products and services in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex.

We sell a broad range of Indoor & Outdoor flagpoles. We have aluminum flagpoles for commercial and residential applications, fiberglass flagpoles and steel flagpoles. Our aluminum flagpoles are manufactured with industry leading standards and will withstand the test of time while preserving their beauty & elegance. We can service, install or sell flagpoles to our local customers the same day if needed, customers out of the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex can be taken care of as soon as the week of purchases. If you have any questions regarding aluminum flagpoles, fiberglass flagpoles, steel flagpoles or the sercices that we provide please feel free to contact us or come in to our store and speak with one of our professionals.

Independence Series

    The Independence Series is stainless steel cable based, internal halyard flagpoles provide the best solution to the problem of vandalism. A smooth, flush door configuration resulting from the thick high strength aluminum casting welded into the precision cut door opening supplies the strength needed when a significant opening is made in a flagpole shaft. The heart of the Independence flagpole is the custom stainless steel gearless winch assembly, designed specifically for the flagpole industry. Flag Systems brings flagpoles to you at wholesale prices in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex and always makes sure you have your flagpoles installed or delivered on time and in pristine condition.

   The winch is mounted on a patented swivel base plate for greater security while continuing to offer ease of maintenance. The swivel winch plate allows the winch to be operated from the handle access hole in the door. A cast winch access hole button in the door provides additional security or can be removed to facilitate daily operation of the flagpole without removing the door.

   Cable assemblies are constructed using stainless steel components with double copper crimped cable end loops and stainless steel snaps. The counterweight is the new Concord patented design with thick attachment shafts on both ends. One end attaches to the flag arrangement and the other to the retainer ring using stainless steel connecting links.

   A spun aluminum collar is standard on flagpoles with up to an 8" base diameter. Flagpoles with a base diameter of 10" to 12" have a 2 piece, split cast aluminum collar with hidden assembly tabs.

   When purchasing an Independence Series flagpole you have the option of getting a revolving cone style truck or a revolving ball truck at no extra charge.

Click here to view the Independence Series Prices & Sizes


Sovereignty Series

   The Sovereignty Series flagpoles are stainless steel cable based internal halyard flagpoles and have many of the same features of the Independence Series but in at a lesser price.

   These flagpoles are only available with a base diameter of 5", 6" or 7". In lieu of the rotating winch base assembly and welded flush mounted door frame assembly of the Independence Series, the Sovereignty Series uses a matched set of inner and outer cast door frame castings as used on the Sentry flagpole series. The frame castings are attached to the flagpole shaft using a series of 8 tamper proof 5/16-18NC stainless steel bolts. The stainless steel, gearless winch mounts securely to the back wall of the flagpole shaft using a thick cast aluminum spacer and tamper proof screws. The handle access hole is at a 90 degree angle from the door. Service is easily accomplished with this configuration. Since winch access is only needed for product maintenance, the door is secured with tamper proof screws.

   When purchasing a Sovereignty Series flagpole you have the choice of a Revolving Cone Style truck or a Revolving Ball Truck. Cable halyard flagpoles seem to be a favorite product in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex due to the security of the flagpole halyard and variant weather conditions. Flag Systems provides Flagpoles at wholesale prices to it's consumers in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex.

Click here to view the Sovereginty Series Prices & Sizes

Sentry Series

   Sentry rope based internal halyard flagpoles were developed and perfected to bring the internal halyard security and sustainability for a fraction of the cost. Many of the features and designs of this model are standards of the industry. The rope based format is an excellent choice for flagpoles with heights of 40' or less where additional security is desired but at a lower price than the Independence or Sovereignty.

 The recently redesigned access door frame assembly is now compromised of a match set of outer and inner castings that surround the pole opening using 8 tamper proof 5/16"-18NC stainless steel bolts installed to the recommended torque requirements giving an extremely strong design. The integral cam cleat platform provides additional structural integrity.

   The revolving cone style truck is standard equipment on Sentry flagpoles. All Sentry flagpoles can be upgraded to the popular cast aluminum, gold powder painted internal ball/truck with dual sealed bearing assemblies for an additional charge. We stock flagpole shafts so purchasing a flagpole is just one call away. Internal applications will take 2 to 3 days for production. 

Click here to view the Sentry Series Prices & Sizes

Centennial Series

   Centennial Series rope based internal halyard flagpoles offer all the same features of the Sentry flagpoles but upgrades the access door configuration to a flush, smooth finish Independence style welded cast door and reinforcement frame assembly. With 40' as the maximum flagpole height for a rope based internal flagpole, the Centennial is available in the 6", 7" & 8" base diameter sizes.

   The revolving cone style truck assembly is standard on Centennial flagpoles. The revolving truck has 26 stainless steel bearings running on a cast race. Centennial flagpoles can be upgraded to the popular cast aluminum, gold powder painted internal ball/truck with dual sealed bearings for an additional charge. Flagpoles are proudly supplied and installed in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex. We are not limited to the greater DFW area, we offer statewide and nationwide sales and service. Click here to learn more. 

Click here to view Centennial Series Prices & Sizes

Continental Series

   Continental external halyard flagpoles provide the traditional  rope based halyard system for raising and lowering the flag. Standard fittings include a spun aluminum ball, cast aluminum single sheave revolving truck assembly, braided nylon halyard, brass flag snaps, cast aluminum cleat, spun aluminum collar and corrugated steel ground assembly. Continental flagpoles with a base diameter of 10" or 12" come with a heavy duty truck assembly which utilizes a heavier spindle rotating on dual precision sealed spindle bearing assemblies with a machined aluminum sheave on a stainless steel axle. Stainless steel flag snaps are standard on the 10" and 12" base diameter models. The standard configuration is the recommended single halyard format.

  Single halyard systems are standard. A double halyard system is also available for $30 more. Please specify when ordering.

Click here to view Continental Series Prices & Sizes

Estate Series

   Estate Series external halyard flagpoles retain the graceful taper of the larger commercial grade flagpoles with scaled down proportions perfect for home, apartment or small business. These budget minded flagpoles are manufactured to the same high standards and with the same shaft material and process as the larger Continental line of architecturally designed flagpoles. Standard fittings include a gold spun aluminum ball, a cast aluminum single sheave stationary truck assembly, cast aluminum cleat, braided nylon halyard with chrome flag snaps and a PVC ground setting tube. Often requested upgrades include spun or cast aluminum collars, stationary cast aluminum ball/truck assemblies & revolving truck assemblies. These flagpoles are very common in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex due to the low cost and high quality.

Click here to view Estate Series Prices & Sizes

Check your order upon Delivery

  We have covered all areas to ensure that the product arrives complete and in perfect condition. Please inspect all merchandise purchased from Flag Systems upon delivery. Shipping Tubes are designed to protect the flagpole(s), because the tube is damaged does not mean the flagpoles is damaged; although it has happened. Inspect all flagpole hardware and flags to ensure they were delivered un harmed.

A Satin aluminum flagpole(s) shaft can stain if it is left in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If you notice moisture immediately remove the flagpole from the tube and wrapping. If the flagpole is stored outdoors make sure it is stored off the ground and unwrapped. Do not allow flagpoles to get wet while wrapped. 

Please use extreme care when installing flagpoles. To recieve detailed instructions or warranty information please contact us directly or email: sales@flagsystemsdfw.com