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  Benefits of Flagpoles

Flagpoles offer many benefits to individuals and companies alike. They not only show pride in our Country and State, but they also can be used as landmarks when a building or home is hard to find, and they can also be used as signage. According to the US Flag Code the American flag is not to be used for marketing purposes but flagpoles do not fall into US Flag Code standards. Large flagpoles are a great substitute for a boring sign, a flagpole can be as large as you want it and custom flags can be made to your specifications. This is not to say that signs are not useful but to say that flagpoles can serve the same purpose as a sign with the added elegance. 

We have a large variety of outdoor flagpoles to choose from including aluminum flagpoles, steel flagpoles & fiberglass flagpoles for commercial applications. Our residential flagpoles are constructed of fiberglass or aluminum. We do not recommend telescoping flagpoles for permanent use because they do not have the structural intergrity to stand up against bad weather conditions. Aluminum flagpoles can withstand wind speeds of up to 300 MPH depending on the base diameter, height and wall thickness. Choosing the right flagpole for your specific location and application can prove to be quite tricky which is why we are here, we are the professionals in the flag & flagpole industry and we are glad to help, call us with any questions you may have and we can do the rest. We offer flag & flagpole sales & service to the entire continental US. Call us today and get that monkey off your back! 888-501-0632

We also offer Corporate projects, meaning if you are a corporation looking to have flagpoles installed in multiple locations we can assist with placement, flagpole size and proper flag size. We also offer discounts for mulitple locations and flagpoles. It does not matter where your locations are so long as they are in the US, if they need flagpoles we will supply and install them for you. To inquire about Corporate projects please email Shawna Williams at shawna.williams@flagsystemsdfw.com or click this link to see flagpoles sets with package prices